We all know that in the current scenario the perfect job trend has shifted to the domain of Information Technology and if a person has employed with IT sector he/she is considered to be well-settled in the society. But what about job security? Isn’t that a part of being well-settled? Though we consider IT job to be lucrative and good career booster you cannot expect stability from this so-called perfect IT job.

So now the readers will ask me that which career path can give them stability as well as resources to live their life peacefully. Today we are going to tell you about one such career path and that is “Insurance.” Oh, Stop! Don’t make those ridiculous faces after listening to the word “Insurance.” Trust me, go ahead and read and you will get to know the reason of “Insurance” being one of the perfect career options for you. Also, we are going to tell you the Best Insurance Companies to Work for USA 2017.


Best Insurance Companies To Get Employed With 2017:

Following are the reasons outlined for you for insurance being one of the best career options for you:

  • First of all, you get to serve the society. If you have the desire to contribute towards society you can get employed with insurance.
  • The insurance sector is facing an employee crunch so there are lots of vacancies and companies have increased the pay packages even to make them at par with the IT sector with additional benefits also provided. It is estimated that about 50 percent of insurance workforce will retire in few years opening up a huge number of vacancies.
  • Many of us think that insurance is just a sales job. Now here your thinking lacks. The insurance sector has a lot of variety within. If you have skills in communications, technology, problem-solving, research and analytics; the insurance companies are looking for you.
  • Now, this is the reason which will definitely compel you to choose insurance as a career option. A recession doesn’t impact insurance sector so there is definitely a great deal of job security in choosing insurance as a career option. Be it car insurance companies, health insurance or life insurance; all are recession proof.
  • Insurance companies give ample time to their employees to spend time with their loved ones. The company themselves encourage you to have a positive work-life balance. Flexibility is definitely provided to you.

So, folks, I think these reasons are enough to change your outlook towards Insurance Sector. If you are really interested we have listed below


  • Acuity featured at Number 3 on Fortune’s List of 100 Best Companies to Work For.
  • With a revenue of about $1.1 Billion, more than 1000 employees and exemplary benefits are given to employees; no doubt it made at Number 3.
  • The current employees of the company are all satisfied with their job and life as per a survey.
  • Some of the great benefits that the company offers are; no limit on tuition payment and if you are a full-time employee with the company there is no cap on the paid sick days leave which you can take.
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  • In the list of best medium size company to work for Assurance comes at Number: 4.
  • There is an onsite floor at the headquarters of this company which is completely dedicated for its employees to de-stress themselves. Employees can use Nintendo, Apple TV or hit the gym.
  • If you are a part of this company and you get your promotion then a special champagne will be delivered to your desk. Now that’s quite encouraging.
  • Also, the company believes in staff outing and specially dedicate one day in a year to visit places.
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  • This company holds the position of Number 6 in the list of Best Medium Size Companies.
  • If cars fancy you; then you must join here. This car insurance company is an insurer of antique cars and boats.
  • You will get the knowledge here in the restoration of antique cars and even basic courses about a car.
  • So if you have some knowledge of automobiles and want a stable career look no further than this.


  • At position 25 in the list of Best Medium Size Companies to Work For; it is the largest health insurance provider in Vermont.
  • Almost half of the state’s population who are privately insured; comes under the health plan covers of Blue Cross.
  • Also, its employees are given a very considerable tuition pay/reimbursement at about $7000 per year.
  • With over 400 employees the company has definitely made its mark on the list of top health insurance companies in the USA.
  • In a short survey recently conducted all the employees of the company gave 5-star feedback for the work/life balance that the company helps them to maintain.


  • Featuring at 68 in the list of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For; the German company’s US Branch provide several unique benefits to its workforce.
  • It has one of the best company campuses and you automatically feel rejuvenated while working here as various events and programmes are held which makes it quite fun and enjoyable at work.
  • Another best thing about this company, which might not matter to you but definitely matters me, is you will get a discount at its cafes. Don’t laugh. It does matter to me.
  • So if you want to deal with life insurance; then this is the place where you should be.
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  • With its operations at about 800 locations in the USA, this is the company which has been reported by its staff to be most caring towards its employees.
  • This company also as a subsidized café at its headquarters.
  • Also, you will get services like shoe shining, car washing, dry cleaning and much more.
  • Every employee is given value in this company; no matter at what rank they are.
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So guys and gals; this was our list of Best Insurance Companies To Work for USA 2017. So if you have made up your mind by now to join the insurance sector then get set folks; bang on and join the best in the league.




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